When choosing a protein powder, there’s a variety of words thrown around to appeal to consumers. Some words are used without providing any benefit, and actually can be used to sell consumers on choosing a cheaper alternative to whey protein, including “soy protein” and “dry-matter.” In order to make sure you’re buying only the best, it’s important to look for a protein powder that is gluten free, GMO free, antibiotic/hormone free, and is easy to digest. If other protein powders don’t say they’re 100 percent all natural, it’s most likely because they’re not. Only Protein takes pride in being a superior protein powder on the market, being 100% organic and all natural. Here are some key reasons why Only Protein is a premium protein powder—and why ingredients matter.

Gluten Free:

Gluten is a protein complex found in wheat, barley, rye and triticale that are difficult for humans to digest completely and can make some people very sick. As many individuals aim to add at least one serving size of protein powder per active day, many people can suffer from gluten overload if gluten is an ingredient added to protein powder. Unpleasant symptoms can include: stomach pains, bloating, heartburn, joint pains, headaches, fatigue and insomnia just to name some of the most common. With Only Protein being gluten-free, consumers don’t have to worry about having side effects due to ingesting too much gluten before or after a workout.

No GMOs:

Genetically modified organisms or GMOs for short, are organisms whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. There are a variety of controversies surrounding GMOs including if protein powders produced with them is safe and if they should be labeled accordingly. Only Protein contains zero genetically modified organisms and is 100 percent natural.

Antibiotic & Hormone Free:

Since whey protein comes from cows and healthy cows are required to produce milk, many companies treat their cows with antibiotics and hormones that in return, gets passed through the milk into your protein powder. Sadly, 22% of dairy cows are given antibiotics or hormones to increase milk production needed for protein powder. There are a variety of health concerns relating to consuming protein powder that has been treated with antibiotics and hormones, including building up a medication tolerance to prescriptions such as penicillin and amoxicillin. By choosing antibiotic and hormone free Only Protein, you don’t run the risk of drinking medicines and hormones that you’re unaware of, or building up a tolerance to prescriptions you may need down the line.

Only Protein contains no harmful ingredients, including: soy, pesticides, sucralose, chemical additives, MSG, high fructose corn syrup or preservatives. When you buy Only Protein, you’re receiving only the healthiest ingredients on the market. All whey used comes from 100 percent grass fed cattle on an all-natural livestock diet and contains 19 grams of protein per serving. There are vitamins and minerals are added in daily-recommended amounts and cellulose free fiber.

In adding Only Protein to support your active body’s protein needs, you can rest assured that only the best, highest-quality ingredients are included—and nothing else.