About Us

Only Protein is the product of meeting three people’s needs. Mike Rino is an avid mountain biker. Having mountain biked for sometime, he realized as he was riding a substantial amount of time, that he was losing muscle and was looking for a way to protect his muscle. He needed a product that was easy to carry and use. Mike had been working in the packaging industry and saw the opportunity to package protein in a stick. This would be the answer to what he had been looking for with his long distant biking.

Jesse Raddon is an avid hunter and works out daily. He needed a way to pack in a meal that was light and required very little space. As he and Mike came together, this was exactly what he had been looking for to take care of his hunting trips. Jesse also trains daily and goes right from the gym to work. He didn’t want to pack a big thing of protein powder for his post work out drink, or put a single scoop of protein powder in a baggy so he could mix up in his post work out drink at the office. He loved the idea of the stick. This would give him the convenience he was looking for with out the hassle or mess!!

Michelle had just returned from the Olympia and was frustrated at the fact that she could not find a protein powder that could feed the muscle fast, medium and slow, that didn’t have fillers and artificial sweeteners. Anyone that knows Michelle knows that she is very passionate about health and wellness and trains daily. As she worked with people in the fitness industry and her other clients that were trying to reach their fitness goals, she could not find a product that she felt good about recommending. While in her son’s chiropractic office, she was holding a protein powder her son was using and began to complain about the ingredients. Mike was standing there and asked if she knew anything about protein powders and shared what he was working on.

Only Protein not only meets the needs of these three people, but also will meet the needs of the person on the go, without the hassle of blenders, measuring, or mess. We live in a hustle and bustle world and many do not get the nutrition that they need daily because they don’t have the time to fix something healthy. Whether you are rushing to get to work or are moms getting children ready for school, there is no need to skip meals anymore, just rip and pour!!