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An ent-Kaurene That Inhibits Mitotic Chromosome Movement and Binds the Kinetochore Protein Ran-Binding Protein 2
N. T. Rundle, J. Nelson, M. R. Flory, J. Joseph, J. Th'ng, R. Aebersold, M. Dasso, R. J. Andersen, and M. RobergeWeb Release Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2022 EDT (Article) DOI: 10.1021/cb600196w
PIPE: a protein-protein interaction prediction engine based on the re-occurring short polypeptide sequences between known interacting protein pairs
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 19 (2006) 4
EVEREST: automatic identification and classification of protein domains in all protein sequences
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 19 (2006) 4
Mapping protein-protein interactions by mass spectrometry.
Publication Date: 2006 Aug PMID: 16822661Authors: Vasilescu, J. - Figeys, D.Journal: Curr Opin BiotechnolMass spectrometry is currently at the forefront of technologies for mapping protein-protein interactions, as it is a highly sensitive technique that enables the rapid identification of proteins from a variety of biological samples. When used in combination with affinity purification and/or chemical cross-linking, whole or targeted protein interaction networks can be elucidated. Several methods have recently been introduced that display increased specificity and a reduced occurrence of false-positives. In the future, information gained from human protein interaction studies could lead to the discovery of novel pathway associations and therapeutic targets.
Atomically Detailed Simulations of Concentrated Protein Solutions: The Effects of Salt, pH, Point Mutations, and Protein Concentration in Simulations of 1000-Molecule Systems
Sean R. McGuffee and Adrian H. ElcockWeb Release Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2022 EDT (Article) DOI: 10.1021/ja0614058

ProPurÑ¢ Protein¬G Antibody Purification Handbook
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Protein G ELISA > Protein G Assay Kit > Assay Designs
... human) p27 (human total) p38 (phospho & total) p53 PGE1 PGE2 PGF2alpha Progesterone Protein A Protein G Smac/DIABLO (human) Substance P Survivin Testosterone TNF-alpha TXB2 Urinary Prostacyclin Arg8 ...
http://www.assaydesigns.c ...product_protein_G.htm

Protein g
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G protein-coupled receptor kinase 5
... started. Information Name G protein-coupled receptor kinase 5 Source PhAT Chromosome chr10 (+) (chr10:120631790-120879722) Accession NM_005308 SNPs 22 Indels 0 Populations 1 Subjects 0 Links [ SNPper ...

A Cell-Based Drug Screening Strategy For G Protein Coupled Receptors - 05030...
A Cell-Based Drug Screening Strategy For G Protein Coupled Receptors Presentation: 3B03 Session: Target Biology & Screening: GPCRs Brian F. O'Dowd, University of Toronto Presenting Author: Brian O ...
http://www.sbsonline.com/ ...kers/050302123322.php

Bioreagents.com: G-Protein Coupled Receptors
... Services Affinity BioReagents Unveils its Newest Line of Research Reagents Targeting the G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) Family of Signaling Molecules. Golden, CO, June 1, 2022 ABRóAffinity ...

http://www.decisionresour ...release/pr_121203.asp

Patent 6,790,631
... Doc/cGMP Calendar Advertisers Info Newsletter Subscription Web Links Suggestions Site Map Title: G protein-coupled receptor up-regulated in prostate cancer and uses thereof United States Patent: 6,790 ...
http://www.pharmcast.com/ ...31_GProtein091404.htm

Human G-protein Mutations -Bourne lab-
GPCR activation Previous Human G-protein mutations Neutrophil chemotaxis next Bourne lab Home Human G protein mutations Pseudohypoparathyroidism, type I (PHP-I), is an inherited human disease caused ...
http://www.cmpharm.ucsf.e ...cience/mutations.html

Protein Snapshot: Contulakin-G protein
home about us snapshot back issues contact April 28, 2022 Contulakin-G protein In the summer of 1935, a young man was enjoying a stroll along the shores of Haymen Island off the coast of Australia ...
http://www.expasy.org/spo .../contulaking_pr.shtml

ICL Lab - antibodies epitope tag dog rat mouse crp anti flag ha myc 6xhis V5...
... Info | Sales powered by corezon Dog CRP (C-reactive protein) Mouse CRP (C-reactive protein) anti-Protein G Rabbit CRP (C-reactive protein) Rat CRP (C-reactive protein) anti-Rat IgG2a anti- GFP anti- GST ...

Virtual Cell Published Models - Regulation of KCNQ2/KCNQ3 Current by G Prote...
... Regulation of KCNQ2/KCNQ3 Current by G Protein Cycling. Byung-Chang Suh, Lisa R. Horowitz, Wiebke Hirdes, Ken Mackie and Bertil Hille. Journal of General Physiology, Volume 123, Number 6, June 2004 ...
http://www.nrcam.vcell.uc ...diated_signaling.html

Protein-G (FL8) Antibody-Delta Biolabs
... or sell our Email List to anyone We Accept: Catalog Product Catalog# Quantity Unit Price Buy Protein-G (FL8) Antibody DB122 0.200 mg/ml $175.00 For technical service please call (800) 595 1994 ...
http://www.deltabiolabs.c ...29-antibody-db122.htm

G-Protein Coupled Receptors

ANNALS ONLINE -- Collected Resources : G-protein-coupled Receptors
HOME HELP FEEDBACK SUBSCRIPTIONS ARCHIVE SEARCH COLLECTIONS EMAIL ALERTS SEARCH RESULT G-protein ... ... II. Intrinsic Determinants of Stem Cells G Protein-Coupled Receptor Roles in Cell Migration and Cell ...

Protein G coated surfaces
Protein G is a bacterial cell protein isolated from group G streptococci. Like protein A from Staphylococcus aureus, protein G binds to most mammalian IgGs, primarily through their Fc regions with ...
http://immunosurface.com/ ...oassay/protein_g.html

cybermlm.com - g protein linked receptors
... COM - g protein linked receptors G Protein Linked Receptors Resources Online (11/20/2005 | 11:32:35 AM) Looking For g protein linked receptors Find g protein linked receptors and more at Lycos Search ...
http://www.cybermlm.com/G ...Linked-Receptors.aspx

NEUROSCIENCEnetBASE: Neuro Sciences Online
... Summary Features Table of Contents G Protein-Coupled Receptors Tatsuya Haga Gabriel Berstein Read ... ... G Protein-Coupled Receptors has culled contributors from domestic and international sources ...
http://www.neurosciencene ...ry/summary.asp?id=977

Visualizing Individual Rhodopsin (a G Protein-Coupled Receptor) Molecules in...
... org November 7, 2022 Visualizing Individual Rhodopsin (a G Protein-Coupled Receptor) Molecules in ... ... J. Litman National Institutes of Health, US Keywords: atomic force microscopy, rhodopsin, G-protein ...
http://www.nsti.org/BioNa ...stract.html?absno=472

Cell Signaling
Cell Signaling Index to this page Introduction Steroid Receptors Nitric Oxide (NO) Receptors G-Protein-Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) Frizzled Receptors and Wnt Signaling Cytokine Receptors Receptor ...
http://users.rcn.com/jkim .../C/CellSignaling.html

Long-term depression studied, role of G-protein coupled mACh receptors revea...
... Long-term depression studied, role of G-protein coupled mACh receptors revealed August 15, 2022 Pain & Central Nervous System Week via NewsEdge Corporation : 2005 AUG 15 - (NewsRx.com) -- According ...
http://www.epilepsy.com/n ...ed/pr_1124199009.html

G Protein Coupled Receptors
... G Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs, also known as Serpentine Receptors) are plasma membrane proteins that span the membrane seven times. These receptors act by regulating the activity of a group of ...

Protein A/G affinities for Antibodies
EJBLAB UCSF Protein A/G affinities for Antibodies Species Affinity for Protein A Affinity for Protein G Subclass Affinity for Protein A Affinity for Protein G Human ++++ ++++ IgG1 ++++ ++++ IgG2 ...

Diversity of G-Protein-Coupled Receptor Signal TDP
... Expr. Stable Isotopes Life Science Quarterly Diversity of G Protein-Coupled Receptor Signal Transduction Pathways Slides Programmed Cell Death Activation and Inhibition of Apoptosis Mitochondria in ...
http://www.sigmaaldrich.c ...eptor_Signal_TDP.html

Piribo | Publications | G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs)
... Technologies email this page print page G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) Technical Overview, Emerging Technologies, Market Trends & Opportunities, 2nd Edition Publication Date March 2005 Publisher ...
http://www.piribo.com/pub ...ologies/gprotein.html

G-protein-coupled receptor -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article
G-protein-coupled receptor [Categories: Signal transduction, G protein coupled receptors] In (Click link for more info and facts about cell biology) cell biology, G-protein-coupled receptors, also ...
http://www.absoluteastron ...-coupled_receptor.htm

Ôªø G-Protein-gekoppelter Rezeptor Der Begriff G-Protein-gekoppelte Rezeptor (kurz GPCR) wird in der Biologie fºr Zielstrukturen (Rezeptoren) verwendet, die an die Zellmembran gebundenen sind und ...
http://herz-lunge.de/inde ...-gekoppelter_Rezeptor

G-protein coupled receptor - All About All
G-protein coupled receptor - All About All Search: Everything you wanted to know - online encyclopedia See live article G-protein coupled receptor G-protein-coupled receptor (Redirected from G ...
http://www.answers-zone.c ...tein_coupled_receptor

G protein gekoppelte rezeptoren
g protein gekoppelte rezeptoren g protein gekoppelte rezeptoren for war ought to be e or seeke for this These (pleas I advance) had taken up; and race was rising. And thus How can we state is the ...

Ôªø G-Protein-gekoppelter Rezeptor Der Begriff G-Protein-gekoppelte Rezeptor (kurz GPCR) wird in der Biologie fºr Zielstrukturen (Rezeptoren) verwendet, die an die Zellmembran gebundenen sind und ...
http://kardiologen-praxis ...-gekoppelter_Rezeptor

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