60 Day Fat Loss Program

Body Earned 60 Day FAT LOSS Program!

Brought to you by Only Protein.

Welcome to the Body Earned 60 Day Fat Loss Program by Michelle LeSueur BeP, CNC, CSN, CPT. 

"With all the fad diets out there it is hard to find something that is safe and effective. I created this with the busy person in mind and to help build a strong and healthy body."

The program has been designed to help the body burn fat, "it is not a lifestyle" the program is designed to jump start your metabolism, drop fat quickly and get you heading in a healthier direction. Once completing the 60-day program you will want to transition into a change of lifestyle and diet for maintenance.

Some may want to do this from time to time for leaning out and that's okay. Anyone wanting to put on size will do so after the 60 days. We want to lean you out first, 80% of fat loss is what you are eating. There is a saying; "Abs are made in the kitchen" this is so true. It is your diet that determines how you look and how lean you are, but again this is designed to give you a jump-start and get you moving in the direction to help you achieve your goals.

The 60-day program is a tight one and is designed for fast results.

You have to want change, if you put your mind to it you can do anything for 60 days, but remember this is just the start to get you moving towards a lifestyle change. Make sure to join the Only Protein fan page so that you can work with others doing this program and get your daily tips and recipes. Work by yourself, or as a group, do whatever you need to succeed. To help you achieve your goals you will receive weekly affirmations to empower you and address emotional challenges, recipes, and personal coaching from Michelle. Only Protein is excited to bring you Michelles LeSueur's 60 day Fat Loss program, coupled with our incredible products and Michelle's vast knowledge in nutrition, we know there will be many success stories to celebrate. So, lets get started and see the new you in 60 days.