Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I take your on-the-go protein sticks?
    Simply rip and pour the powder stick into 4 – 6 oz of water. Shake and drink!
  2. Can I take your products during pregnancy?
    You may take our all-natural protein powder during pregnancy. We advise against taking our meal-replacement and Meta—Therm products due to some of the ingredients in each formula. Always consult with your physician prior to using our products if you have specific concerns.
  3. Do I have to eat with it?
    We recommend eating throughout the day! We don’t recommend a liquid-only diet, but our meal-replacement product is a complete meal.
  4. How does your meal-replacement product give me energy?
    It has a natural appetite suppressant called Hoodia, which gives you energy and helps burn fat.
  5. How many should I consume each day?
    3 meal-replacements a day and 1 Protein after exercise or before bed.
  6. How much caffeine is in your Meta-Therm product?
    1 pill has 100 MG, which is equivalent to 2 cup of coffee.
  7. How many grams of protein does your meal-replacement have?
    18 grams of pure, all-natural live enzymes and nutrients.
  8. What’s the difference between the protein & MRP?
    • Protein (green) is for before and after workouts- 105 calories
    • Meal replacement (orange) has the proper vitamins and nutrients to substitute for a meal, with appetite suppressants and natural fat burners - 103 calories
    What’s in it?
    Protein- 99% of the protein supplements out there have many fillers and additives that are not necessary! With Only Protein, we have eliminated all the fillers and made a protein that only contains the main essentials to create a protein powder! Nothing else!
    MRP- Has the same ingredients as the Protein but we have added natural fat burners and appetite suppressants.

    How many Meta-Therm pills do I take a day?
    2 in the morning with Food
  9. Are your products lactose-free?
    Yes –99% lactose-free, and we have added 99mg of Lactase—a digestive aid—to cover it!
  10. How much weight will I lose in a month?
    Everyone’s results are different, but, in our experience, we have seen up to 15 lbs a month with use of our complete Only Protein system!
  11. How soon will I see results?
    Depending on the person or how many you are taking, you should see results within 3-5 days!

Protein jugs frequently asked questions:

  1. How many servings21 servings
  2. What is the serving size27 gram servings
  3. How many grams of protein18 grams
  4. How many calories105 calories
  5. What are the carbs4 grams

Protein powder stick frequently asked questions:

  1. How many sticks per box15
  2. What is the serving size27 gram serving
  3. How many grams of protein18 grams
  4. How many calories105 calories
  5. What are the carbs4 grams