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Only Protein the best protein powder
Only Protein Meal Replacement Powder!

ONLY PROTEIN meal replacement powderis a unique formula that is designed to help you with balanced nutrition. ONLY PROTEIN begins with New Zealand hormone-free, pollution-free whey. Some of the highest standards in the world can be found in New Zealand. Their cows are grass fed and free grazing. You will never see feed lot conditions because New Zealand does not allow rBGH or BST hormones! Their cows are also free of antibiotics and chemical residue, which makes for a pure product--so pure that it is soon to be labeled "Certified Organic." ONLY PROTEIN is a highly bioavailable meal replacement with protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber: everything your body needs. We have also added a South African Hoodia, CLA, Carnitine, and Garcina Cambogia, which research has shown to support fat loss and lean muscle synthesis. Only Protein Meal Replacement Powder jugs are available in the following flavors:


Our Advanced All Natural New Zealand Whey Protein Based Formula is like none other. You won't find the same effective quality formula anywhere else in the world. And no where else will you find the same convenient system. Here is your chance to fuel your body with the most exciting weight loss regimen in the world! When you first start taking our product--whether you are active, always on the go, or spend most of your day in an office chair--you will notice the difference in a real clean "No Junk" formula targeted to help you lose weight and feel satisfied doing it.

ONLY PROTEIN has no hydrolyzed protein and no cellulose fibers. Many products on the market contain inexpensive cellulose fibers, which cannot be broken down; over time, cellulose fibers actually inhibit absorption. ONLY PROTEIN contains fibers that can be eliminated without building up in your system. ONLY PROTEIN also contains Inulin, which is a prebiotic that increases your system's friendly bacteria. Many people have poor protein metabolism.

ONLY PROTEIN has added Protease, the enzyme that breaks protein down. This is to ensure maximum nutrient absorption, and, for those that are lactose intolerant, the enzyme Lactase has been added. Competing products claim to be healthy; however, turning over the ingredients panel tells another story. We formulated our organic, cold-filtered product to be clean, free of pollutants, trace antibiotics, and pesticides. We also wanted to ensure that absolutely no harmful ingredients were included in our formula. Our goal was to develop a product that is truly nutritious and convenient for every lifestyle.

Only Protein Contains:

Only Protein What is the best protein powder

Only Protein Meal Replacement Powder. 21 servings of our All Natural Meal Replacement Protein Powder.

Flavors: 2
Servings: 21
Calories: 103
Protein: 18g
Retail Price: $44.99

This product is amazing! I mix it with my morning coffee and I feel full and energized until lunch. I love the ingredients and drink it every day knowing I am not putting junk into my body.

- Sarah H.