Most of us enter the food-rich holiday season with the very best of intentions.  Sure, we’ll sip on a bit of bubbly, get a taste of our favorite traditional holiday foods, and maybe even indulge on Christmas day-after all, it only comes once a year!  And, to be sure, there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of that.  Unfortunately, many of us are left feeling guilty after such indulgences, and these feelings often make it seem like getting back on track with our diets is a daunting and intimidating endeavor.


Fortunately, regrouping after the holidays doesn’t have to be difficult at all-and the sooner you get back on track, the better you’ll feel as any residual guilt fades away and your body responds to returning to its routine of healthy eating and exercise.  The Cederquist Medical Wellness Center (CMWC) recently published a list of four easy ways to get your diet back on track for the new year and leave behind the guilt and calories that can come with Christmas.  Perhaps the most important of the Cederquist Center’s recommendations is to revisit and revise your goals.  As the CMWC article states, “If you’ve overindulged, then that can make your goals seem very out of reach.  But don’t be afraid to revise them, and make them something you can achieve.  Success will bolster you onward.”

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