What Is Whey Protein & How Does It Work?

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why whey protein is good for you and where it is in your diet already and how protein powder stick supplements help maintain better health

Whey is an excellent source of essential protein your body needs an is found in common foods and drinks—but adding Only Protein to a variety of recipes will enhance overall health and even lower cholesterol. Protein isolate is among the best sources of essential protein on Earth!

There was a time when whey protein was used almost exclusively by bodybuilders; but things have changed. Everyone from athletes to fitness enthusiasts and even yogis are adding whey protein to their diets. Whey protein is one of, if not the most utilized supplements on the market today and with the increasing amount of options available, many individuals are wondering: what exactly is whey protein, and do I need it?

You may be surprised to find out that you’re already consuming whey protein in a variety of foods, including cheeses and yogurt. Whey is created during the process of coagulating milk, being the liquid remaining after curdle has been strained. While some whey protein ends up in dairy products, the majority is filtered and then spray dried to create protein powder. As a protein powder mix, whey protein isolate is the most pure form of protein, containing 90 percent or more protein and little to no fat, lactose, or cholesterol. As protein is an important nutrient needed on a daily basis to keep our bodies healthy, many people consume whey protein powder to assist in a variety of roles for the body, such as repairing cells, building and repairing muscle, and for energy.

Those who lead active lifestyles may benefit from adding whey protein powder to their diet, as doing so can keep energy levels elevated and increase workout recovery time. With the body achieving the greatest benefits when protein is consumed within 45 minutes of a workout, many people choose to make protein shakes at the gym to help with muscle recovery and therefore prevent having sore muscles the following day.

Whey protein powder is linked to a variety of other benefits. For those aiming to lose weight, whey has been found to boost insulin sensitivity and increase metabolism while curbing hunger and creating a feeling of satisfaction. Whey has also been found to decrease total cholesterol, increase good cholesterol, and increase muscle mass and immune system function.

With all the benefits of adding whey protein powder to your diet, making sure your body is receiving the correct amount of protein is important. For both men and women, it’s recommended to consume at least 0.4 grams of protein per pound of body weight to meet basic protein requirements and to increase those levels to .5 grams for recreational exercisers.

Whether you’re looking for a protein powder stick to serve as pre-workout fuel, post-workout replenishment, or to help to protect your muscles throughout the night, Only Protein is a great way to provide your body with the whey protein it needs.

Made with only the highest-quality ingredients, Only Protein is 100% all natural, contains no MSG, preservatives, or GMOs.

Only Protein + Yoga = The Perfect Fit

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Balance your prana by eating well before and after yoga!

Many people in the holistic living community have had to steer clear of protein powders due to their highly processed ingredients, the use of synthetic sweeteners. For those looking for an organic, gluten-free, vegetarian protein powder, look no further than Only Protein.

Yoga is one of the best ways to workout—it balances the body and mind while also reducing stress, burning calories, and building a sense of community for regular practitioners. Yogis and yoginis will tell you, it is called the “practice of yoga” because yoga is a journey, and not a destination. It’s a form of fitness that allows for constant growth and development both physically and mentally, making it perhaps the world’s most balanced way to break a sweat.

For those interested in maintaining true balance, many will add raw diet or vegetarianism to their practice of yoga. Many more will also take on the practice of meditation, while others still will use yoga as their time to decompress and release the stress and anxiety of daily work and home life. For those who practice yoga, the word “prana” is a commonly used phrase. Prana essentially means energy or life force, and it is one of the most basic key focal points of yoga. The idea is to balance prana, and this is achieved through breathing, working through yoga poses with lucidity, not forcefulness.

A key part of balancing prana outside of the yoga studio is by ensuring that what goes into your body is made from quality ingredients, and Only Protein meets every possible standard to this end. As a non-GMO, USDA organic food source, and a soy-free source of protein, Only Protein meal replacement and protein powder are a great addition to the yoga lifestyle.

Want to learn more about Only Protein nutrition? Check out our protein products and our “Why Drink Only Protein” page for more details.