Many of today’s most widely used diet meal replacers and diet protein powders and shakes contain two sweeteners known to be dangerous and to cause health issues. These two artificial sweeteners are aspartame and sucralose.

Aspartame turns into formaldehyde during the digestion process, and contains a substance called formic acid, which is used as a pesticide. You have to ask yourself, if the people who spray this substance on plants have to wear masks and goggles, is it really something you want to be ingesting? Aspartame also contains Diketopiperazine, a chemical agent known to cause brain tumors and other cancers. Put bluntly, aspartame is a carcinogenic drug, not a natural sweetener—it contains neurotoxins that can cause a wide array of otherwise unexplainable diseases and ailments.

Sucralose is another substance being used as a sweetener that is evidenced to not be good for the human body. Some of the potential concerns with sucralose, which is commonly marketed as Splenda, are stomach and intestinal pain and agitation, migraines, respiratory difficulties, and weight gain. In rare cases, seizures, blurred vision and some forms of cancer have been reported.

But why do these sweeteners cause so many problems? Simple. Because they have been genetically engineered. Nature created sugar cane, and sugar cane broken down into sugar (naturally, as it has been done for thousands of years) has a specific molecular structure. That molecular structure is altered to create artificial sweeteners, and therefore, what these man-made alterations do was not intended by nature. Because sucralose and aspartame are so new, many people have been fooled into believing they are safe alternatives, and many people trying to lower their sugar intake are duped into the false promise of aspartame and sucralose.

Don’t buy the hype, and don’t by protein powders, protein meal replacers, or protein sticks that contain aspartame, sucralose, or any other genetically engineered or modified ingredients.

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