Jessika Jenson!

Star athlete Jessika Jenson has been hitting the slopes since before the age of 10, but something happened the day she decided to kick off the skis and go snowboarding instead. Long story short, she’s now a member of the US Snowboarding Team with her sights set on the 2014 Olympics—something her trainer Bill Enos thinks she’s got a very good shot at.

So for a little off-season fun, Jenson joined up with Utah Bragging Rights and made it clear from the onset she wasn’t there to give anything but what we’ve come to expect from her: 1ST PLACE in the women’s division! For those who know her, it’s not a surprise, but the way this athlete seems to excel at every single thing she decides to do is nothing short of miraculous.

Here she is showing some Only Protein love! We’re proud to have met Jessika and know this is only the beginning for this bright star. Sky’s the limit for this unbelievably gifted girl. Next stop? The X-Games! Go Jessika, Go!