Only Protein is proud to announce the launch of the company’s new, high-energy fat-burning supplement, Meta-Therm.  Like every product produced by Only Protein, Meta-Therm is completely natural and contains absolutely no artificial ingredients.  Moreover, Meta-Therm is the perfect complement to the complete Only Protein nutritional program, which includes the company’s all-natural whey protein and meal-replacement products.

Meta-Therm features a proprietary ThermoBurn-XT complex and ThermoBlend blend that combine to shred unwanted body fat and melt away excess pounds and inches.  Additionally, the product’s Metabolic Support blend sends your body’s metabolism into overdrive, thus helping to burn calories throughout the day and targeting stores of body fat for energy, producing quick, noticeable results within the first week of use.


Meta-Therm, Only Protein’s 100% natural fat-burning supplement

Meta-Therm also contains vitamin B-12 to keep you feeling energized throughout the day, as well as an appetite-suppressing blend of L-Carnitine, green coffee bean extract, and green tea leaf extract.  When combined with the appetite-suppressing complex of Only Protein’s meal-replacement product, Meta-Therm ensures you feel full and satisfied all day long, all while your body burns calories and zaps body fat.

Other ingredients in Only Protein’s Meta-Therm product include White Willow Bark, Garcinia Fruit Extract, Cayenne pepper, and ginger root.  A complete breakdown of these ingredients and their roles in helping you reach your weight-loss goals may be found on the following page of the Only Protein website:

Each bottle of Meta-Therm contains 60 capsules, and the product is manufactured to be taken twice each day.  Each capsule of Meta-Therm contains 100 mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to one 8-ounce cup of coffee.  In part because of its caffeine content, Only Protein recommends both capsules be taken in the morning with food.  Additionally, women who are pregnant should not take Meta-Therm.

As part of the product’s launch, Meta-Therm is being offered through the Only Protein online store for $49.99—and, with another current promotion, shipping for Meta-Therm is free.  Additionally, Only Protein is offering a holiday special of four bottles of Meta-Therm for just $125—a savings of $74.96 (37%) off of the company’s everyday prices.

“I’m extremely proud of the formula we’ve developed for Meta-Therm,” says Mike Rino, Only Protein’s Vice President of Product Development.  “We’re confident our customers will see quick, quality results when using Meta-Therm.  I’m excited to receive feedback from our customers who have seen what Meta-Therm can do.”