A significant portion of Only Protein’s customer demographic is made up of women-and, unsurprisingly, a large chunk of our female customers are also stay-at-home mothers.  Needless to say, being a stay-at-home mom presents its share of challenges, from handling the grocery shopping and keeping the household in order to tending to children and whisking them to and from after-school activities.  It’s not surprising, therefore, that many moms feel as though they must forego pursuit of their fitness goals, especially since a baby-sitter would be required to sneak away for a workout at the gym.

Moms shouldn’t have to sacrifice “me-time,” particularly when it’s devoted to health and fitness-and now, thanks to Parenting.com, there’s a quick and easy 10-minute workout routine you can perform entirely at home, without the need for specialized equipment!  As part of its Fit Generation initiative, Parenting.com has published a detailed 10-minute fitness routine-complete with illustrated instructions for each exercise-designed to help today’s busy moms attain their fitness goals regardless of how hectic their day-to-day lives have become.

With eight high-intensity exercises, including chair squats and oblique crunches, Parenting.com’s 10-minute routine targets the chest, arms, legs, and abdominals, ensuring busy moms get the most out of their workouts.  For moms seeking an even more intense experience, Parenting.com has customized 20- and 30-minute programs, including cardio routines, as well.  To view the complete 10-minute workout for moms on the go, visit the following URL: