Following a low glycemic index diet can be a great way for individuals to improve their health and lose weight while gaining muscle. While there are a few popular diets that revolve around the glycemic index, the main aspect of the diet is to eat foods and beverages with low glycemic index ratings to keep your blood sugar levels balanced. Following a glycemic index diet doesn’t require individuals to follow a low-diet eating plan, count calories or require a reduction in portion size. Originally designed to help individual’s with diabetes improve their blood sugar control, it’s been found that low glycemic index diets can help us lose weight and reduce risk factors for certain chronic diseases.

While a doctor or healthcare provider should always be consulted before starting any weight loss diet, having a low glycemic index diet that includes Only Protein’s low glycemic index protein powder is a great way to get past a diet plateau and continue towards a healthier lifestyle.

The glycemic index ranks food and beverages based on how they affect a body’s blood sugar level on a scale of 0-100. Low index foods include raw carrots, apples, grapefruit, skim milk, and lentils while high glycemic index foods include instant white rice, white bread, baked potatoes, and watermelon. Because low glycemic index foods are absorbed more slowly, they stay in the body’s digestive tract longer and therefore help control appetite and delay hunger cues.

Including Only Protein’s low glycemic index protein powder to your diet can help you feel full longer and balance your blood sugar. By reducing cravings and lessening sugar rushes and crashes, dieters are more likely to succeed and stay on track with their diet and workout schedule.

Beyond having a low glycemic index, Only Protein is also gluten free with no GMOs or harmful ingredients. By having only the highest quality ingredients that are good for your health, Only Protein is held to some of the highest standards in the world with their New Zealand Whey Protein. Taste and feel the difference by trying out Only Protein, available both online and at your local GNC store.