A number of people consume meal replacement protein powder to boost their daily protein intake and keep their metabolism up; but many will be surprised that not all protein powders are absorbed equally. Only Protein meal replacer contains protease—an enzyme responsible for digesting proteins and making sure that your body gains all of the benefits that Only Protein’s meal replacement protein powder has to offer.

Protease is considered one of the most important enzymes in our bodies due to its ability to break down one of the most difficult substances to metabolize: protein. Without a significant protease to protein ratio, undigested protein can wind up in your circulatory system and other parts of your body. While no harmful effects have been linked to undigested protein in the body, without proper digestion, your energy and metabolism levels are more likely to drop by missing out on the protein’s nutrients.

When digested properly, protease is helpful in fighting colds, flus, and cancerous tumor growths. Due to this, protease is used in various forms of therapy and has been considered notable in several clinical studies linking its benefits in oncology, inflammatory conditions, blood rheology control, and immune regulation.

By having protease in our meal replacement protein powder, you can help clean up your blood stream, restore your energy and balance by properly digesting the protein you consume. With each meal replacement protein shake, you can feel better and be better prepared to fight off illnesses such as a cold or flu that may otherwise prevent you from working out, or even getting to work.

Adding Only Protein’s meal replacement protein powder to your diet when you are either unable to prepare a solid meal or are trying to drop weight can ensure that you’re consuming the highest quality whey protein and non-GMO ingredients that will keep you energized, full, and ready to take on your next workout or workday!